Eric Dude

Eric Dude

A longtime Super Nintendo collector with 721 cartridges in my collection (pretty much all of them). World record holder for Home Run Derby in Ken Griffey Jr Presents MLB on the SNES (28 HR). Mastermind of the 3 day, 61 hour SNES marathon in which we played every game in my colletion non-stop. Check out my channel at

Demon’s Crest 2nd Opinion

Demons's Crest Review Super Nintendo

  Author: Eric Dude Demon’s Crest is the third entry in a somewhat underappreciated action adventure series from Capcom. The trials and tribulations of Firebrand (a.k.a. the Red Demon from Ghosts ‘n Goblins) first began on the black & white Game Boy with Gargoyle’s Quest, and then graduated to the …

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