Super NES Box Art Article

Super Nintendo box art

Author: John Legendoffzelda I like Super Nintendo box-art. The layouts are clean, and the title illustrations at the center are particularly interesting. At least, I have more fun thinking about the title illustrations than, say, the blocks of hype-text next to them. (I have organized the types I notice the…

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U.N. Squadron Review

  Author: John LegendoffZelda ScrewAttack, the most reputable of all video game journalism websites that are named after Metroid items, offered one of their more interesting opinions when they declared U.N. Squadron one of the greatest 2-D shmups ever made. In response to this decision of theirs, I say, “sure,…

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Aladdin Review

Aladdin Review SNES

    Author: John Legendoffzelda Capcom’s Aladdin is a triumph. This game, along with Mega Man X and U.N. Squadron are part of a group of Super Nintendo titles I like to call “Capcom’s Undisputable Trio”. Outliers such as Demon’s Crest and Street Fighter II Turbo have their own place…

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Super Star Wars Review

Super Star Wars review

  Author: John Legendoffzelda Star Wars is one of my favorite movies, and my high opinions of it colored my initial desire to play Super Star Wars. My reasoning, I think, was that the Star Wars franchise held up so strongly as video games; titles like X-Wing, Rogue Squadron, Shadows…

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