Uniracers Review

Author: jrsupermoore If you’ve ever been the author of what you thought to be a brilliant, one-of-a-kind concept only to be told “hey, that’s our idea, copycat!”, you know what it was like for DMA, the geniuses behind Uniracers. It turns out that being accused of idea theft was a double blow, because…

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PGA Tour Golf Review

PGA Tour Golf Review Super Nintendo

  Author: jrsupermoore All the team at EA Sports did in 1991 for the game of golf was what they accomplished for a host of other sports: introduce a well-rounded title at the onset of the Super Nintendo’s life. While this may not seem like such a tall feat, by…

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Olympic Summer Games Review

Olympic Summer Games Review Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore Like so many American children, every two years I became glued to the television set where the world’s bravest amateurs from across the globe put their dreams on the line in the winter and summer Olympics. The only thing nearly as grand as watching such athletic drama unfold was reenacting that…

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The Blues Brothers Review

The Blues Brother Review Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore What could be better than a film based off of a hilarious comedy sketch, you ask? A video game based off the movie based off the comedy sketch, of course! Or so one might be led to believe. The 1980 cult classic comedy “The Blues Brothers” was chock…

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John Madden Football Review

John Madden Football Revew Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore Pop quiz: What NFL coach has the second highest winning percentage of all time? I’ll give you a hint: His Super Bowl winning 1976 Raiders were voted by fans to be “the greatest NFL team.”(1) If you’re still stumped, look no further than the title of this review.…

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The Lion King Review

Lion King Review Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore There’s no storyline quite so classic as that of a son avenging his father’s death, and no soundtrack to an animated film so timeless as what Tim Rice and Elton John collaborated for the 1994 film, The Lion King. Put them together and you have not only a…

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NCAA Final Four Basketball Review

NCAA Final Four Basketball Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore Ever since two versions of “Basketball” were introduced on the Atari 800 & 2600 in the late 1970s, video gamers have enjoyed simulated action of the classic American sport (1). The 16-bit generation made its own contribution with a slew of solid NBA Jam titles, as well as…

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Samurai Shodown Review

Samurai Shodown Review Super Ninendo

  Author: jrsupermoore If you’re at all a fan of the genre, you probably have a fighting game you love more than the others. Clayfighters, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage … the Super Nintendo had no shortage of quality titles. For me, Street Fighter had always been my very tops.…

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Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run Review

Ken Griffey's Winning Run Super Nintendo

Author: jrsupermoore Most of us lucky enough to play a game endorsed by our favorite athlete have known the bitter defeat of realizing the game S-U-C-K-S (Here’s looking at you, Sterling Sharpe End 2 End). Just because he’s a miracle to behold on the court, field or ice doesn’t make…

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NCAA Football Review

NCAA Football Review SNES

  Author: jrsupermoore Having grown up in the heartland of one of pro football’s most loyal fanbases, moving to the heart of the South was a bit of a culture shock. Since my childhood had a steady diet of playing Tecmo Super Bowl on NES and watching the Green Bay…

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