Perfect Conversion Australian game and hardware reviews for classic Sega and Nintendo systems.

Flying Omelette This website features reviews for games on a wide array of different systems.  It also includes game shrines, music, and more! Give it a look. It may have something for you.

The Video Game Critic – This website has been around since 1999! It features short reviews for games across all gaming systems since the 1970’s! Also includes entertaining articles. Definitely a good stop for the video game enthusiast.

RVGFANATIC – This site gives a very interesting take on explaining the Super Nintendo experience. It includes reviews & articles. The site owner, Steve, has a writing style that is enthralling & uncommon. There’s even some Sega Saturn love there. See it yourself.

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone… – I love the vibe of this site! The site owner does mini-reviews for games from the Atari era thru the 16 bit era. Absolutely worth giving  a try!

Time Warp Gamer – Really digging this site. It has very interesting articles on hardware including the NES, SNES, and more. Gives a brief rundown on games as well. I give it a thumbs up!

Greg’s Neat-O Homepage – I stumbled upon this site and like it a great deal. The owner of this site lives in Japan and gives insights as to what its like living there as well as a hodgepodge of other things.

Anime Super Famicom Web Resource Center – That’s a mouthful! The person who owns Greg’s Neat-O Page also runs this one. This is a good resource for info on Super Famicom games. Has reviews which help to determine what games to purchase. I recommend if your an importer.

Sega-16 – Every video game fansite must acknowledge the greatness of Sega 16! It does so many things right. It has comprehensive reviews, articles, and a highly active forum for all things Sega. If you have a fondness for Sega systems, check them out.

Playing With Power – This is a section on the Freakin’ Awesome Network that is entirely devoted to NES and occasionally  SNES reviews! I found the reviews there of value and worth trying out.

The Quest to Review Every NES Game – This particular site does some fine mini-reviews of Nintendo games. Dylan’s goal is to review every North American NES game. He is well on his way in doing so. Check his site out and cheer him on!

Retro Video Gaming – Here’s a well done blog that focuses on the 8-bit generation primarily. It has a good presentation and the blogs are well written and entertaining. Do have a look at this one.

Honest Gamers – This website offers reviews for any mainstream video game system you can imagine. Contribution reviews are welcome by them too! Have a look see!

Hardcore Gaming 101 – One of the most comprehensive gaming fan sites I ever laid eyes on. This site includes in depth analysis of different game series, interviews, and interesting blog articles. Definitely check this one out!

Nintendo Complete – This awesome site offers full-length NES reviews. The reviews are well written, entertaining to read, and gives interesting tidbits about the game in question. It’s highly recommended reading for NES enthusiasts!

Sega8bit – This is a fantastic website for people who are into or thinking of getting into the Sega Master system. It features articles, reviews, hardware information and more. There’s also a active forum community over there. I really like the style of this site. Check them out!

Retro Gaming AgeThis website focuses on written reviews of games from the most popular console systems from the NES to Playstation 2. Reviews are based off a 10 star system. Loads of big detailed pictures accompany each review. Try it out!

Super Nintendo Zone – Sadly this old blood website is no longer updated, but it nevertheless has a solid collection of reviews for Super Nintendo games. It also features some other interesting tidbits on the system itself. Worth checking out for historical purposes alone.

MMMonkeyThis is a useful site to learn about different modifications for your favorite system. Is your Wii’s disc drive making a lot of noise? Did your Super NES blow a fuse? There are articles there to address those concerns and many more. It’ll be well worth your time.

Eyes on Final Fantasy ForumsAn incredible Final Fantasy forum with loads and loads of activity! If you have a hard to answer Final Fantasy question, I’m sure someone over there will know the answer!

Brain DrainerThis blog is a commentary on the pinball and video game worlds. The blogs are entertaining to read and has nice big pictures to look at.  Even has a review once in awhile. Recommended reading.

Neo-Geo Kult – The Neo-Geo is a system I’m highly fond of. Here is a site that is perfect for the Neo-Geo enthusiast. Neo-Geo Kult offers reviews (for more than just Neo-Geo games), articles, beautiful pics and more for the mega shocker system. A definite must see.

Learn Japanese This site might be of interest to many who may be thinking about learning Japanese. It holds a wealth of free resources to aid in the comprehension of the language. It’s a very helpful site to be certain.

Video Game DenQuite an interesting site. You won’t find a ton of sites exclusive to Japanese games, and here’s one of them. The biggest draw are the mini-reviews of several SFC games. Guests can also write a mini-review too. There’s also scans of a few manuals as well. Other Japanese systems are given some love and I really like the art gallery. There is a lot to look through so give this one a chance.

GameWTFs – This is one of those websites that expresses video game fandom in a neat and unusual way. The blog offers short commentaries on various games across different platforms. What makes it stand out however are the posts that have a video game cut scene where text appears to be inserted into the game for humor. Reminds me of a comic strip of sorts. Highly entertaining and worth checking  out!

Boxed Pixels – It’s hard to find blogs that take the time to write lengthy, well researched reviews of Super Nintendo games. Luckily I happened to come across one. With 68 reviews and going, Boxed Pixels is a an enjoyable visit for those who like reading fine examples of critique writing.

Retrojrpg – I’m loving this very informative blog about the Japanese RPG (JRPG) genre. I get scoops on really obscure games I might get if I only knew they existed! If you’re a JRPG fan, check it out!

The Chrono CompendiumWhere can you get all the information you wanted to know about the Chrono Trigger universe? The Chrono Compendium, that’s where! The wealth of information and the amount of detail is almost overwhelming.  It’s well worth a look for Chrono fans!

Kirby’s Rainbow Resort – This website provides extensive information about that loveable pink puff, Kirby! If there’s something you would like to know about Kirby, chances are good you can find out here.

Super Adventures in GamingThe goal of Super Adventures in Gaming is to play every game in existence, take pictures and finish nothing! The style of writing is refreshing and a joy to read. And there’s lots of screenshots to look at also!

Kung-Fu KingdomThis website is a wonderful resource for martial arts movie reviews. The articles are well written, and enjoyable to read. I found a lot of movies I never heard of before that I would be interested in watching. A fantastic film site for sure.

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