Reviews and articles are the lifeblood of SNES Hub. This site can’t be complete without literary contributions from people who care about the Super Nintendo. Each game can have up to three reviews; review, second opinion and third take. Third take is only available if the intended third review has a substantially different perspective from the first two reviews. Listed below are the criteria:

  1. Objective- Reviews must be objective. If you like a game, tell us why. If you don’t, tell us the reasons. Your points should be clear and concise. Imagine yourself a professional writer who is neutral. You’re drawing your critique from sound reasoning.
  2. Reviews should be between 800-1600 words in length.
  3. Games reviewed here are rated on a 5 star system: 5 stars= Excellent, 4 stars=Good, 3 stars=Average, 2 stars= Below Average(barely worth playing), and 1 star= Horrible
  4. Delivery of the review will be through the form below. I will proofread it and make any edits I think will improve it. If you take any issue with the edits I make, feel free to contact me.
  5. It’s first come, first serve. For any game, the first three people to submit a suitable review will have their reviews posted on the website.
  6. Citation style is up to the individual reviewer (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)


Criteria for articles are:

  1. Must be related to the Super NES or its games
  2. At least 800 words.
  3. Articles should be sent to me by the submission form below so I can make any edits that I believe are warranted and post it to the website. Feel free to contact me if you have issues with the changes I made.
  4. Articles should be cited if any facts or figures are involved.
  5. Citation style is up to the individual reviewer (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

When you submit your review or article to SNES Hub, you’re giving SNES Hub the right to keep the reviews and articles for the lifespan of SNES Hub.

So that’s what’s needed. If you have a fondness for the Super Nintendo and its games, help this site become the community website it was meant to be!

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