Undercover Cops Review

Undercover Cops Super Famicom Super Nintendo

Author: Masamune Thank goodness for the internet. With this fantastic informational tool, I’m able to discover things I had no idea existed before.  Let’s take video games for example.  Pre-internet, who really thought about all the Japanese video games that never left the land of the rising sun? I know…

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R-Type III Review

R-Type III Review SNES

    Author: RushDawg R-Type III marks the first entry in the series to be developed specifically for a home console. It was also the last SNES shoot ‘em up to receive a North American release way back in 1994. By designing this sequel specifically for the SNES hardware, was…

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Dino City Review

Dino City Review for Super Nintendo

      Author: Masamune Did you like dinosaurs as a kid? I did. I was the go-to-kid for dinosaur information in the second grade. Did you wish you could go back in time and actually see and interact with these fascinating creatures? Well, you can get a chance to…

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