First Samurai Review

Author: John Legendoffzelda In its own uncommon and assertive way, First Samurai demonstrates a lot of potential. With a shirtless samurai warrior at the center of its fantasy mix, Kemco and Vivid Media’s platformer could make its hodgepodge of 2D action-game elements succeed with the radical confidence of something like…

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Top Gear Review

Top Gear Review Super Nintendo

  Author: Antarch Released during the early years of the SNES’s life, Top Gear is one of the first racing games available for the system. It came out in 1992, only a few months prior to the release of Nintendo’s emblematic racing title: Super Mario Kart. Published by Kemco and…

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Top Gear 2 Review

Top Gear 2 review SNES

  Author: jrsupermoore Taking you all the way from the “Land Down Under” to the “City that Never Sleeps”, Top Gear 2 (TG2) offers everything a dyed-in-the-wool racing fan needs: turbulent and challenging courses, stellar upgrade opportunities, screeching crashes and magnificent landscapes. The one or two-player Championship Circuit is such…

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