King of Dragons Review

The King of Dragons Review Super Nintendo

Author: John Legendoffzelda Capcom in the 1990s was nothing if not a skilled practitioner of genre games and accordingly, their established reputation would seem less believable if their high-concept smashes didn’t come with some good also-rans. The case in point here is their Middle Ages brawler King of Dragons, a…

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The Tick Review

The Tick Review Super Nintendo

Author: John Legendoffzelda The time was right for The Tick to have shown his dumb grinning face when he did. Being a staple of the old Fox Kids lineup next to Animaniacs, another well-regarded piece of accessible 1990s satire, the show gave a needed contrast to the current state of…

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Undercover Cops Review

Undercover Cops Super Famicom Super Nintendo

Author: Masamune Thank goodness for the internet. With this fantastic informational tool, I’m able to discover things I had no idea existed before.  Let’s take video games for example.  Pre-internet, who really thought about all the Japanese video games that never left the land of the rising sun? I know…

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Sonic Blastman Review

Sonic Blastman review

  Author: Masamune   When I see images like these, I remember my childhood love for comic books and that old 1960’s Batman TV series I watched in syndication. Who would of thought playing a Super NES game in the present would conjure up those long forgotten memories once again.…

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