GP-1 Review

GP-1 Review Super Nintendo

Author: John Legendoffzelda There are higher stakes to racing on a motorcycle than some other modes of transportation. There’s less of an engineered safety barrier within the vehicle’s unsteady, open-faced design. And with the capability of reaching incredibly high speeds, the situation of injuring yourself by getting into an accident…

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Uniracers Review

Author: jrsupermoore If you’ve ever been the author of what you thought to be a brilliant, one-of-a-kind concept only to be told “hey, that’s our idea, copycat!”, you know what it was like for DMA, the geniuses behind Uniracers. It turns out that being accused of idea theft was a double blow, because…

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Top Gear Review

Top Gear Review Super Nintendo

  Author: Antarch Released during the early years of the SNES’s life, Top Gear is one of the first racing games available for the system. It came out in 1992, only a few months prior to the release of Nintendo’s emblematic racing title: Super Mario Kart. Published by Kemco and…

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F-Zero 2nd Opinion

F-Zero Review Super Nintendo

    Author: Mongunzoo The magic of the 16-bit age was kind to a variety of games, but nowhere was the jump more pronounced than in the racing genre. New hardware unleashed a floodgate of improvements while still staying true to what the genre had always been. And one of…

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Top Gear 2 Review

Top Gear 2 review SNES

  Author: jrsupermoore Taking you all the way from the “Land Down Under” to the “City that Never Sleeps”, Top Gear 2 (TG2) offers everything a dyed-in-the-wool racing fan needs: turbulent and challenging courses, stellar upgrade opportunities, screeching crashes and magnificent landscapes. The one or two-player Championship Circuit is such…

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F-Zero Review

F-Zero Review for Super Nintendo

    Author: marktheshark Besides Mario Kart, F-Zero is probably one of Nintendo’s best known racing series with around seven games (not counting the F-Zero X Expansion pack), and an anime series. Even one of the pilots, Captain Falcon, makes an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series as a…

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