Dolucky no Kusayakiu Review

  Author: Indy1988 I was looking around in a flea market booth when I began talking to the owner about some Super Famicom games. He mentioned that he had this one baseball game where it had cute critters but it was in Japanese. He had no idea what the story…

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ActRaiser 2nd Opinion

ActRaiser Review Super Nintendo

Author: Indy1988 For every Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda, there always seems to be a game that gets brushed off in favor for more popular franchises. To worsen the situation is the fact that the game may actually be good! ActRaiser is such a game. Every SNES fan…

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Home Alone Review

Home Alone Review Super Nintendo

    Author: sull56ivan2010 I doubt anyone was expecting John Hughes’ Home Alone to be the highest grossing film of 1990 domestically. Despite a not so warm reception from critics (better than any of the sequels), Home Alone and the 2nd one are beloved by many and are cherished 90s…

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