F-Zero 2nd Opinion

F-Zero Review Super Nintendo

    Author: Mongunzoo The magic of the 16-bit age was kind to a variety of games, but nowhere was the jump more pronounced than in the racing genre. New hardware unleashed a floodgate of improvements while still staying true to what the genre had always been. And one of…

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Secret Of Mana 2 Review

Secret of Mana 2 Review

  Author: Mongunzoo Whimsical fantasy has an appeal all its own. That is why stories like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are eternal, and why The Neverending Story and Willow are still remembered despite their shortcomings. Enter Secret of Mana, a flawed game that nevertheless captured the…

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Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts Review

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Review

Author: Mongunzoo There’s an old saying that any gamer from the 8-bit era is likely to recognize: “There’s hard, and there’s NINTENDO HARD!”. Games from that era are absolutely brutal, from the impossible Battletoads to the improbable Ninja Gaiden. Even Nintendo got in on the action, as The Legend of…

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Final Fantasy III Review

Final Fantasy III review

    Author: Mongunzoo In 1994 the world of gaming changed. Donkey Kong Country proved that there was plenty of life for 16-bit machines outside gimmicky CD add-ons, Super Metroid showed gamers how deep 2D gameplay can go, and Final Fantasy III introduced RPG  players to a brave new world.…

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The SNES Super Scope 6

Super Nintendo Super Scope article

 Author: Mongunzoo Not everything needs to be BIGGER and BETTER. This is a message that I have been harping on for years. In the progress-obsessed technology industry, it is often a message that falls on deaf ears. Ultimately at the end of the day there is such a thing as…

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