Secret Of Mana 2 Review

Secret of Mana 2 Review

  Author: Mongunzoo Whimsical fantasy has an appeal all its own. That is why stories like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz are eternal, and why The Neverending Story and Willow are still remembered despite their shortcomings. Enter Secret of Mana, a flawed game that nevertheless captured the…

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Final Fantasy III Review

Final Fantasy III review

    Author: Mongunzoo In 1994 the world of gaming changed. Donkey Kong Country proved that there was plenty of life for 16-bit machines outside gimmicky CD add-ons, Super Metroid showed gamers how deep 2D gameplay can go, and Final Fantasy III introduced RPG  players to a brave new world.…

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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest Review

      Author: marktheshark Back in the 16-bit days, RPG’s were not nearly as popular outside of Japan as they are today. That’s not to say that the genre was invisible, but many other genres were much more popular at the time. In 1992, SquareSoft made Final Fantasy: Mystic…

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Secret Of Mana 2nd Opinion

Secret of Mana opinion Super Nintendo

    Author: Mongunzoo It was winter when I began my journey through the Secret of Mana. I will never forget renting it from the local Mom ‘n Pop and losing myself for hours as I bashed Rabbites, explored beautiful realms, and conversed with a talking cat! My only regret was that…

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