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Welcome to SNES HUB, the premier Super Nintendo fansite for reviews and articles. My goal is to have an in-depth review of every Super Nintendo game ever made. In addition to that, I plan to have feature articles pertaining to the Super NES and a highly active Super Nintendo forum to go along with it.

This is a community website, where the thoughts and ideas of the Super Nintendo fanbase can be heard and implemented. Members will be able to shape the website with suggestions. The look, vibe, feel, and content could be yours to decide.

Anyone who is willing may write reviews, articles, and do videos for the website. Having a collective viewpoint of the Super Nintendo experience will make it an interesting place indeed. Register, become a member, and make this place the best Super Nintendo fansite around!


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This website was born out of my passion for the old Super NES system. There's so many SNES games out there that no one knows about or have forgotten. In time, all of the games will come to light and this site will become a beacon for all SNES gamers out there. Stay tuned!


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