Why This Site Exists

Where are all the Super Nintendo fansites? That’s the question I asked myself after doing a Google search on the subject. There were some, but I was expecting so much more. I didn’t find a definitive Super NES fansite that would address the needs I was looking for. I just went through a renaissance of retro gaming and I was looking for a website to complement this rekindling.  Much to my dismay, pickings were slim. I just couldn’t stand for this. I had to do something. The Super NES is too great a system to not have a full fledged fansite. The Genesis has an excellent fansite. The Super Nintendo deserves one too.

Passion Ignited

What started this new found love for the Super NES? Firstly, I highly enjoyed the system throughout the majority of the nineties. I sold my original one around 2003 to make space for other stuff.  It wasn’t being played at all by that time. I didn’t think a whole lot about the system and its games after I sold it. I was occupied with the next generation systems. However, one faithful morning in January 2012, I was going on my usually Saturday jog. I saw what looked like a Sega Genesis box model 1 sticking out of a garbage can. I looked more closely. It was indeed a Genesis box. I picked it up and could feel there was something inside. I decided to take it home. Below the Genesis box was a Playstation 1 box. I already had a Playstation 2, so there was no need to take that one too. There were no other things in the garbage can, so I didn’t feel gross by touching and taking it. As soon as I got home I opened the Genesis box and found the following: Genesis deck, AC adaptor, RF connector, six button controller, and all the paperwork. The plastic for the deck, RF adaptor, and paper work was there too! It even smelled new! Do you know how happy I would have been if I were to find this by happenstance as a kid in 1993? Nevertheless, as a 30-something year old man, I had a rush of excitement surging through my body discovering this trash to someone, treasure to me. I started to reminisce about my childhood playing both the Genesis and Super Nintendo. I wanted to re-visit those happy moments again. I brought a Sonic the Hedgehog game and an A/V cable off Ebay and lo and behold the thing worked! I searched on the internet looking for Genesis fan sites and discovered Sega-16. It was amazing. It had articles, reviews, and a strong forum community. I brought a Super Nintendo out of nostalgic feelings after playing my Genesis. The Super NES had some great games. I wanted to play it again just as I’ve done with the Genesis. I then proceeded to look for a Super NES fan site comparable to Sega-16. I couldn’t find one. There were some Super NES sites available, but either they haven’t been updated in awhile or were missing elements I wanted. Then, a thought popped into my head.

Thought Becomes Reality

If there was no “go to” site for Super Nintendo fans, I would create one. I never created a website before. I took a HTML class in college, but it was just the basics. Despite that, the spirit moved me, so to speak to have in existence a comprehensive Super NES site with articles, reviews, an active forum and more. Thus was born SNES Hub. This will be a community driven website where members can contribute their reviews for games, write articles about anything Super Nintendo related, and bond with other SNES fans from around the globe, among other things. It is my goal to have an in-depth review of every Super Nintendo game ever made. I’d like to have dozens of interesting articles for the community to read. In addition, there are other things I have in mind for this site to make it a real fun place to hang out. However, with that being said, the success of this site ultimately depends on you. As I previously said, this site is community driven. For this site to be all it can be, I need your help.

Calling all Super NES fans

This is a call-to-arms to all Super NES fans throughout the world! If you have an itch to write articles and reviews about the Super NES and its games, I’m looking for submissions. If you have friends and relatives that still love everything Super Nintendo, spread the word. If you used to play the SNES or play now and are looking for a Super Nintendo forum to discuss and share your ideas on Nintendo’s 16-bit machine, you’ve found the right spot. This is the first of what I hope are many articles to come. Take your shoes off and stick around for awhile. Enjoy.


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This website was born out of my passion for the old Super NES system. There's so many SNES games out there that no one knows about or have forgotten. In time, all of the games will come to light and this site will become a beacon for all SNES gamers out there. Stay tuned!


  1. I’m digging this site so far! I too recently rekindled my love affair with 16-bit gaming (Sega & Nintendo) and was surprised by the lack of good fan sites!

  2. I’m glad you like the site TK. I hope you stick around!

  3. love your site, hope that it is still active and lively!

  4. Thanks Zach. I’ll keep it going as long as I can!

  5. I’m loving this website, it truly is bringing me back to my youth. How for the continued growth and to contribute myself!

  6. I love this site. Keep it up. Long live the SNES.

  7. Great job with the site. You’re right, it’s strange that there aren’t many SNES fan sites given how popular the system was / is. Genesis fans have an excellent resource in Sega-16. I hope to see this site grow to provide a similar function for the SNES.

  8. Thanks for the compliments. The Super Nintendo community will decide if this site becomes great or not.

  9. Although not a very active member on any forums thought I’d commend you on a good website for a amazing machine and time from my childhood. Thanks

  10. I just recently started collecting SNES games so that my children will grow up with great games and will grow older with fond memories of playing games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3 (6) and the like. I am really enjoying this site and all the reviews, videos, and helpful tips for collecting games for this classic system.

    Thank you so much =)

  11. Is this still an active community? Sounds Like Fun

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