Retrobit Controller Review

Retrobit Controller review

Author: grimm There are many wireless controllers for the Super Nintendo, but there’s only two that I’m aware of that use RF (Radio Frequency) and not IR ( Infrared) for the connection. One is the elusive Messiah controller, which also has a weird d-pad that might not attract most people.…

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Beginning a Retro Video Game Collection

Video Game Collection

Author: Masamune People start a retro gaming collection for many reasons. Some want to re-live their childhood; others were given a retro system as a gift from a friend or older sibling; then there were those that by chance found an old system in the garbage! Whatever reason they may…

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PowerPlay: Re-Evaluating The SNES Position On Sports Games

Super Nintendo sports games

    Author: Mongunzoo Genesis fan: “In the 16-Bit generation, the SNES lost the sports game players to SEGA.” Super NES fan: “LOL,  WHAT sports games?” Genesis fan: “The SNES is lacking in the sports category.” Genesis fan: “Do you guys have Mutant Football?  No?  Then SHUT UP! You lose!”…

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The SNES Cleaning Article

My Super Nintendo is yellow

    Authors: Mongunzoo & Masamune Is your SNES yellow, marked up and covered in creeping crud? Is it dusted and disgusted? Tired of your games looking and smelling like an ash tray? Then read on to find out how to help your console! Let’s be honest for a minute:…

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…And The Future Refused To Change:Doomsday Prophecies From The 16-Bit Era!

Super Nintendo forum

Author: Mongunzoo It’s The End Of The World As We Know It!!!!! And I feel fine… because as the end comes, I’ll still be exploring the greatest library of games the world has ever known!!! In the year 2000, we were bombarded with doomsday theories about our computer systems shorting…

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