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Reproduction gaming is on the rise as gamers want to experience games that were unavailable in the past due to a number of reasons. We thought it would be a great idea to interview a reproduction company to gain a little bit more insight into this phenomenon. This interview features  Eleazar Navarro of Retro Quest Reproductions.

 SNES Hub: Ok, so you make reproductions? What got you into that?

RetroQuest: I read about reproductions in 2005 from a website that was something like

I tried to understand how to do reproductions (I was in high school) with no success. I read on and off about it with the passing of the years. Then, I finally understood everything on a particular night in December 2011. It felt like my mind just opened up that night to understand reproductions.

SNES Hub: How do you decide which games you will do?

RetroQuest: I have my “Best Seller” titles … which are mostly RPGs, then there are those I got from doing market research. But every week or so, I make random games. I search which translations are available, and whatever game is appealing to me (graphic/animation wise) I do one or two, to see how they sell.

SNES Hub: Which systems do you make repros on?

RetroQuest: SNES only, that is my favorite console, and the only one that I want to concentrate on. But I can make Playstation One repros.

SNES Hub: Can you make SNES games from scratch?

RetroQuest: No I can’t, I am not a programmer. Although I considered going back to school for game programming because of the SNES & repros …  Still possible future plans though.

SNES Hub: For those that don’t know, what is a multicart?

RetroQuest: A multicart, is a video game cartridge that has several different games in it. The games are not within each other or the same ROM, but are made separately. Then through technical means, the cartridge lets you choose between which game you want to play.

SNES Hub: Was there a multicart you were promoting?

RetroQuest: Yes, I have a Multicart project, all homebrew games.

SNES Hub: Could you tell us more about it?

RetroQuest: Of course. The multicart (still no official name for the cart), is a new SNES game release planning to be for sale soon.

The cart features 5-6 different games from 4 different developers. Some of the games have been ROM released before, but not commercially in cart format.

The games are:

1) Uwol – a Quest for Money (platformer)

2) Mazezam remake – (puzzle game)

Those two are developed by Akelmaul from Mazezam was the winner of the Neo Flash 2012 competition (first place).

The next game is:

3) Skipp and Friends – (puzzle/adventure … similar to Lost Vikings)

It”s developed by Mokunda Johnson.

4) N-wrap Daisakusen by Ds4 from

This game is a 8 player fighter game. More of a mini game, this game is the first game in the history of SNES to let you play 8 players at the same time.

It’s possible N-wrap Daisakusen won’t be compatible with the multicart. We are working on getting it to work.


6) Rockfall

These are old homebrew games form developer Paul Lay that were made in the 90’s.

Astrohawk is a game very similar to Asteroids.

Rockfall is another puzzle games, where you need to find jewels.

SNES Hub: Ok, are there videos available on Youtube of your work?

RetroQuest: Yes, there is a small video promo on Youtube, which does not feature images from all the games. You can see it here.

SNES Hub: So do you have any Youtube videos of your own personal work besides the multicart for folks to check out?

RetroQuest: Not yet, the only upcoming videos I’m putting together are a couple of videos made at the Houston Arcade Expo 2012. You can see one here.

SNES Hub: What is the Houston Arcade Expo about?

RetroQuest: Houston Arcade Expo is an event that has been celebrated since 2002 where all retro gamers, arcade and pinball owners and enthusiast get together and throw a huge party at one location.

There are vendors, free arcade and pinball games, guest speakers, competitions, tournaments and prizes!

SNES Hub: Seems interesting. Wish I could go.

RetroQuest: Yes it’s fun!

SNES Hub: What is the website where people can buy your repros?

RetroQuest: Yes, the website is Retro Quest- SNES Reproductions.

Also on where people can find more deals by being a member there and inquiring about repros!

SNES Hub: Ok, great! Thanks for letting me interview you. Is there anything else you would like to say?

RetroQuest: Well, my plan is to release 2 homebrew games a year. Currently the multicart is on the final stages to get a proto going. I will throw a kickstarter event hoping to raise funds to do a big production run! If the Multicart is successful, that will help me a lot to get more games going and get developers paid with decent salary.

So hopefully I can do 2 new games a year!

SNES Hub: Well thanks again and good luck to you!

RetroQuest: Thank you for the opportunity man.


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