Super Metroid Review

Super Metroid Review for Super Nintendo

Author: Mongunzoo Have you ever been spelunking? No, not those guided cave walks for the tourists! I’m talking about “wild caving’”, where you leave the tourists behind with their walkways and large areas and enter a world that few will ever see. A world of dark passages and underground rivers.…

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Earthbound Review

Earthbound Review for Super Nintendo

    Author: Mongunzoo The year was 1995 … I remember it as if it were yesterday. After a busy day at school, it was off to the local Toys R Us to celebrate being chosen as Student of the Month. It was there that I saw the gigantic box…

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Secret Of Mana 2nd Opinion

Secret of Mana opinion Super Nintendo

    Author: Mongunzoo It was winter when I began my journey through the Secret of Mana. I will never forget renting it from the local Mom ‘n Pop and losing myself for hours as I bashed Rabbites, explored beautiful realms, and conversed with a talking cat! My only regret was that…

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PowerPlay: Re-Evaluating The SNES Position On Sports Games

Super Nintendo sports games

    Author: Mongunzoo Genesis fan: “In the 16-Bit generation, the SNES lost the sports game players to SEGA.” Super NES fan: “LOL,  WHAT sports games?” Genesis fan: “The SNES is lacking in the sports category.” Genesis fan: “Do you guys have Mutant Football?  No?  Then SHUT UP! You lose!”…

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