Super Tennis Review

    Author: jrsupermoore Super Tennis, even with its cutesy graphics and lack of player endorsements, still stands head to shoulder above its counterparts despite having the earliest release date among tennis games for the Super NES. With its classically extensive, intuitive paddle play, along with varied character strengths and an upbeat, movie night-esque soundtrack, Super Tennis is relevant up to the 2010s. Indeed, Super Tennis is such a success that there‚Äôs reason Read more [...]


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  1. this is 1 of the best sports games on the Super Nintendo. I was actually recommended to trying this game reading an article on the Super Nintendo a while back. Glad I did!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe it’s the anime-ish graphics that make some people skeptical of this title, but the game embodies a fun & competitive atmosphere that’s rarely provided for gamers.
    t3tr1s, do you have an unofficial list of “best sports games on the SNES”?
    You can share yours & I’ll share mine.

  3. This game is literally everywhere and can often be had for next to nothing.

    Virtua Tennis is still my favourite tennis game though.

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