NHL Stanley Cup Review

    Author: jrsupermoore The Super Nintendo library was flooded with hockey games, but two released in 1993 were better than the others. NHL 94 played realistically, with the signature bird’s eye perspective Electronic Arts Sports used for NHL 98 and beyond. A favorite of sports game fans, NHL 94 boasted licenses from both the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association. Then there was NHL Stanley Cup, which didn’t receive the NHLPA license, but offered a unique Read more [...]


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  1. doesn’t look like a bad game, but I just don’t like hockey at all lol. this was a good review though!

  2. I love that NHL lock out is a search tag!

  3. Yep, I couldn’t resist capitalizing off of the beginning of this year’s NHL “mini-season!” It definitely fits with the theme of nostalgia, which would have us believe that everything was much simpler, a.k.a. not always about money, “way back when.”

  4. I know nothing about the rules of Ice Hockey, I like to watch it when I can though. This game looks strange, I bet it takes some getting used to with that revolving camera.
    I’ll probably stick with NHL’96 next time I fancy playing a game of Hockey and continue to get my ass handed to me while trying to score with the Quebec Nordiques.

  5. This game emphasized presentation a little too much. EA’s NHL series were all about solid, stats-based gameplay. NHL ’94 is still my favourite, though you can’t go wrong with ’96.

    Bonus points for using the Quebec Nordiques (they’re my team in NHL ’94)

  6. Also worth noting that this game has “blue ice”, like the EA NHL games on the Genesis. The EA NHL games on the SNES have white ice.

  7. Yep, in my Buffalo Sabres season it was fun to hand it to the push-over Quebec “Nor-dih-cues.”

  8. Just saw the Maple Leafs beat the Sabres last week! The ice was most definitely white as well!

  9. This review makes me feel bad that this was the game I took apart to make my Mario & Wario work on my SNES.

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