SNES Hub’s Two Year Anniversary Retrospective

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Author: Masamune

Where are all the Super Nintendo fansites? I asked myself this question two years ago today. Around that time I re-developed a passion for playing games from the 16-bit era. Unfortunately, the internet didn’t have a lot to offer in the way of SNES dedicated sites back then. And as I look today, little has changed in that regard.

But the interwebs has this site, SNES Hub, as a source for Super Nintendo goodness. In two years, many good writers have donated strong reviews & articles to the site to showcase the appeal this system possesses. These reviews are like an open window to the soul of the SNES for all to see. And why not take a peek? The Super NES has substance with tons of depth to it. There’s something for everyone here. But there’s a lot to cover. Therefore this site couldn’t be what it is by the work of just one person. It takes a group to build something greater than what a single individual can do alone. That’s one of the things that makes this place so special.

At the two year anniversary, we have 100 reviews and 24 articles with plenty more coming down the pipeline. The goal is to have a review of all 721 officially released North American games. In addition there will be Japanese and European exclusives thrown into the mix as well. Articles will continue to be posted covering a wide range of different topics. Anyone is welcome to donate reviews and articles they have authored. The more people we have contributing, the faster we can reach the review goal.

One weakness I see in SNES Hub is the lack of awareness there is for it. This is most visible in the forum section where activity is very low. I know it’s very difficult to popularize a site nowadays since everyone and their grandmother can make a site or blog with the greatest of ease. I sometimes wish I started this site in 2000 instead of 2012. There was a lot less competition for gamer attention back then. However we have a lot of great content now, and I assumed it would spur conversations in the forum. But no matter how much content there is, it won’t matter if no one knows about the content in the first place!

Therefore I will no longer be passive in terms of getting the word out. This is a great site with loads of content with a friendly culture surrounding it. How many other gaming sites can say both of those things?

SNES Hub has a Facebook page.  I’ll use all the tools available on Facebook to promote the page and see if it will result in new traffic. I’ll do the same with the Twitter page. Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about how Twitter works, but I’ll learn. SNES Hub has a growing following over there. I always thought Youtube was a fantastic place to grab attention. I just need to think of creative ways to utilize the medium; something that’s original and fun. I also need to ensure the site shows up on all major search engines and even some of the smaller ones. Lastly, I purchased ad space in the newly created gaming magazine, Retro. It’s a 1/4 page ad that will appear in the March issue:

Super Nintendo Review siteThe magazine is available to purchase worldwide, will have print and digital versions, will be sold in Play N Trade stores in North America, possible deals in the works to distribute at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Fry’s, among other places, and reaches the exact demographic SNES Hub is shooting for. Hopefully the aggressive marketing steps I take this year will payoff in increased awareness and activity on the forum and main site.

Two years ago SNES Hub was just a vision I had with a few ideas written on a piece of paper. I wanted a SNES version of Sega 16; a place with informative reviews and articles and an active forum community, but without the douchebaggery. I’m proud of what this site has become and honored by the people who decided to share my vision and help me make it great place to visit. Mongunzoo, JohnLegendoffzelda, marktheshark, jrsupermoore, RushDawg, thanks for the multiple contributions and everyone else who pitched in too. Your help is most certainly appreciated.

But … we’re not done yet. I’m committed to transforming this little site into one of the big board gaming sites. We have a solid foundation and I see nothing but better things on the horizon. I know that a museum of written works documenting every SNES game is quite a lofty goal, but as our small community swells, the smaller the goal will seem. I don’t know what the future will hold, but I’m confident SNES Hub will get better and better as the years go by.




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This website was born out of my passion for the old Super NES system. There's so many SNES games out there that no one knows about or have forgotten. In time, all of the games will come to light and this site will become a beacon for all SNES gamers out there. Stay tuned!


  1. I’m confident for the future of this site, too. It’s been quite a year for the Hub! The content is getting more diverse and the reviews are getting more articulate and in-depth as the site grows older. I’m glad we’ve been able to avoid the “douchebaggery” that plagues other communities.

    I’m excited to see where these new aggressive marketing strategies take us. Let’s keep up the good work!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I think utilizing YouTube is a great way to grow the site, as the YouTube gaming community seems to attract a lot of traffic that would have gone to forums, etc. in the past. Have you thought of partnering with some of the smaller, SNES-focused channels?

  3. Yes, I thought about partnering with other SNES channels. Just need to find the right people to partner with.

  4. Congratulations on 2 years! I just saw the ad in the latest Retro magazine literally minutes ago, and it completely reminded me to redirect my steps here 🙂 I’ll try to pop in more often and be a little more active on the forums!

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